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this is what heterophobia would look like if it was real. if you believe that heterophobia is a real thing that exists, please watch this because you will see that it simply doesn’t exist, that it never has and never will. 

tbh I think everyone should watch this anyway because it’s very clever and very powerful

wow, this was truly heartbreaking

i agree that everyone should watch this

this is phenomenal. completely and utterly terrfiying. All of my followers need to watch this. The whole thing. And think about if it was the other way around.

i watched this last night its mind blowing

I watched this last night when it had less then 6,000 notes omg

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Max… happy being abused

Max… happy being abused

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It’s amazingly freeing to know what people really think about you…. Good, bad, indifferent.
Just knowing that I can give myself permission to let go. Letting go is difficult but somehow it’s just what I need right now. I need to forgive myself for things that have happened and understand that I can not change how another person feels. I believe that people come into and leave your life for a reason. Now I just need to figure out the reason in the particular case….

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In The Mirror


In The Mirror

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i was taken off my anti-psychotic because it was giving me horrible side effects. now im back on a pill that gives me blurry vision. awesome. blurry vision for my math test today. as if math wasnt hard when i could see it. 

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today i have my counseling and psychiatrist appointments back to back.  i hope that it goes well. I need new meds and i need to feel better if I’m gonna make it through this semester. Ugh. Midterms. 

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i have my new medication and i works except for one problem….. i cant wake up. Seriously, Daniel tried to wake me up every 15 minutes for over an hour. This is not good.     I have missed 4 classes because of this alone, Sigh. It was good I was only 30 minutes late for my first class. 

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